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Future Faces réveille le tortueux plaisir de Joy Division 
Tribune de Genêve

Euphoria est une pépite dans un écrin de velours

New Noise

The guitar driven French Cold-wave of the early 80’s, echoing with cavernous reverb that is an aural simulacrum for many a forlorn heart"

A voice full of sensuality, carried by a accompaniment meticulously composed"
El Garaje de Frank

“The best of shoegaze, ambient and noise”
Merchants of Air

Is where everything comes together best, a goosebump-inducing romp that’ll have you searching the cupboards for your old trench coat and fourteen hole Doc Martens
Sentinel Daily
Future Faces fait revivre les heures sombres de la cold wave


Two years in the making, "Euphoria" marks the full-length debut from Swiss post-punk / cold wave outfit FUTURE FACES.  Written by Alexandre Muller (H E X, Equus), Matthieu Baumann (Elizabeth, Capital Youth) and Eduardo Garcia (Equus), each of these eight songs has its own character, seamlessly blending lushy guitars and synths layers over ethereal or more up-beat tracks. "Euphoria" is a considerably enriched departure from the monochromatic grey vibes of their stark 2017's EP "Revolt", bringing new colors and textures to their modern, sophisticated relecture of the genre.

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