Marina Satti

Marina Satti
ON TOUR - New Album : 2020
Elle a envoûté les Trans Musicales! Entre chants polyphoniques, sonorités traditionnelles grecques et influences modernes, la performance de Marina Satti en session live pour Culturebox ne vous laissera pas indemne.

Une artiste à ne pas rater. Cette chanteuse grecque est l’une des personnalités de cette édition. La musique de Marina Satti est un mélange incroyable de son traditionnel grec, de polyphonie, d'électro et de hip-hop. Marina Satti c’est unique musicalement.

Marina Satti : A Greek – Sudanese emerging star who represents hope

Personne en Grèce n’avait osé chanter et danser la pop sans rien cacher de la précarité encore à l’œuvre aujourd’hui. Personne sauf Marina Satti, brune athénienne aux origines soudanaises. Rencontre dans une Athènes encore convalescente.
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Marina Satti, aux influences arabes et balkaniques est un véritable phénomène en Grèce.

On vous recommande d'aller voir Marina Satti aux Trans Musicales!

Figure du renouveau musical :
Marina Satti, le chant de la Grèce qui veut danser

Nouvelle révélation des musiques actuelles, Marina Satti réconcilie chant polyphonique et pop urbaine et fait sensation dans son pays d’origine, la Grèce. Après un concert genevois cet été, elle se produit ce jeudi aux Transmusicales de Rennes. On va beaucoup en entendre parler.

Marina Satti was born in Greece. Her father is from Sudan, her mother is from Greece and she grew up in Crete. With different cultural influences, Marina was involved in design and music from a very young age. She studied Drama and Architecture and received a degree in classical piano and classical singing. In 2009 she represented Greece in the European Jazz Orchestra (EBU) while in 2011 she graduated with scholarship from the Berklee College of Music (Contemporary Writing & Production). She has worked with artists such as Bobby McFerrin, Paco de Lucia, Wayne Shorter, Danilo Perez, Nikos Mamagakis, Nikos Kypourgos, Stavros Gasparatos and has collaborated, as an actor, with National Theatre of Greece, the Greek National Opera, The Athens and Epidaurus Festival.

In 2016, Marina created a women’s vocal group called ‘Fonέs’. In 2017 she founded the choir ‘Fonέs’ made up of 50 women while her latest single “Mantissa” orchestrated by herself, surpassed 35 million views on YouTube. It reached #1 in the Greek and Bulgarian charts and secured her a worldwide publishing deal with Universal Music Berlin.
In November 2017 Marina appeared at Google’s ‘Europe on Stage’ in the Bozar Centre of Fine Arts in Brussels, featuring her among the “10 most interesting YouTube acts of 2017”. In addition, the Votre Beaute readers voted her as “Best Woman Musician of the Year.” Marina lives now in Athens, experimenting with polyphonic music and composing original music for the theatre and cinema.


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